Sample Discussions

To give you some ideas, here are a few sample discussions from one of my online courses.

Discussion 1

Compare Social Network Analysis and Social Media Network Analytics. How do they relate to each other? See if you can find practical applications of Social Network Analysis and see if there is any evidence of its use in real life situations. For instance, to explain a social phenomenon or to solve a crime.

Discussion 2

Do you really think thoroughly before you click on a like button on Facebook? Or before hitting any of the other emojis, such as Love, Laugh, Wow, Sad, Angry? Most people use social media to spend their spare time or just for fun. As we dig deep to gain insights from analyzing social media actions, how accurate can our insights be considering social media is just a website to share cat videos for a lot of people? Are we taking social media too seriously? By hitting that like button, maybe we only express the feeling that our "friends" would like to see or hear, maybe not our honest opinion. Am I missing something here? What is your take on this?

Discussion 3

Please read pages 322-323 from the text book. There are serious privacy concerns with location analytics? Do you have any suggestions for this problem? What can be done to eliminate security and privacy issues associated with location analytics?

Discussion 4

Please discuss privacy issues with image analytics. Discuss privacy issues with face recognition, accessive use of security cameras by governmental organizations and individuals. Do you think the world has become a place as described in George Orwell's 1984 novel?