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Hey there!

This is BORA - The Ambassador. The nickname somehow stuck with me after working as an ambassador for Teachable for more than two years.

I had this course idea for a while now, I am so glad about where I am today, the course IS open for enrollment! After meeting hundreds of Teachable school owners, working for tens of them I figured out all the pain points, troubles, areas to grow, all the bells and whistles of the platform and I thought I could bring together some valuable information to share.

In this course, I will be teaching all sorts of things from setting up your Teachable school to marketing your courses, talking about custom payment gateways to using Facebook to your advantage. No need to have cramps in your stomach trying to find how to edit your author profile or changing the subheading in your school.

I tried to make my lectures intuitive so that you can find anything you want easily. Here are some of the names of the lectures: Your Teachable HOMEPAGE - How Do I Get PAID? - One of The Best Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Teachable School from Facebook. Check out the rest of the course curriculum here on this page. Don't forget to preview a few lectures.

My lectures are all tutorial videos with screenshots and computer-generated voice-overs. They are short, direct and to the point. At the bottom of each video, you are going to find the transcript.

Teachable is a rapidly growing platform. Updates are happening at the speed of light. No need to fall behind with those new features since I am shooting a new videos as they arise. That's why I am offering a monthly subscription for only $19/month. Basically, you are getting an ever-growing resource.

Then there is the FORUM section in the course where you can simply add your comments, ask your questions or communicate with me and with each other. Please be aware that I won't be able to provide personal advice in that comments section, it's only there if there's something not very clear about the subjects in the lessons.

I am not only a consultant and a tech person. I am also an instructor, a teacher just like YOU. I have about 550 students in my other Teachable school where I teach music production techniques. Check it out here. Every day, I work on my own course marketing, content creation, engage with students.

Your Teachable Expert

Bora Uslusoy
Bora Uslusoy

Bora is a Distance Learning Expert. He is a Teachable Ambassador and he has done more than 500 onboarding sessions achieving a substantial reputation as a knowledgeable and devoted partner to his clients. Bora helps instructors succeed with their online training businesses bringing his wide array of skills to the unique needs of each individual. He has a deep knowledge of e-learning, online course design, social media, online marketing, Teachable integrations, audio and video editing, as well as graphics and web design. He was recently certified as a Zapier Expert. Bora himself has developed a huge following on the net, thanks to his multiple talents and wide-ranging reputation. Did we mention that he is also an educator, author, singer, songwriter, guitar player, audio engineer, and proud dad of a third grader? Click here to view his LinkedIn profile.

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"Working with Bora made launching my school so easy and fun! He's the greatest!"

- Linda Fitzpatrick, Chief Worker Bee, Work That Satisfies

"It’s great to have someone available to walk you through new software and answer all the many questions that inevitably come up. Bora has been that person for me. Whenever I hit a snag he is there to help right the ship. Highly recommended!"

- Peter Spellman, Founder, Next Calling Acedemy

"Thank you for a very informative, well structured and concise session— the Onboarding session is much, much more valuable to me than any previous webinar or The Profitable Teacher- and please feel free to share this comment with Teachable staff. It was a pleasure speaking to you."

- Deborah Salimi, Founder, Lean Gulf Institute

"Bora is a true Teachable master, who also has a real talent for teaching. I am amazed at how much I was able to learn in our session together. The platform is new for me, and he was able to turn something that was a little intimidating for me into something I am now very comfortable with. And he did it quickly!”

- Gregg Sugerman, Master Life Coach / Spiritual Locksmith / Rock n Roll Enthusiast

Do You Need Even More Help?

As long as you are enrolled in this course, you are eligible for a 20% discount on all consulting services I provide. Once you register for the course, I will send your personal discount coupon for 20% off of my list prices here on my Ambassador page.

Take a look at this screen-shot above! That is my myTeachable page. These are some of the schools that I am an administrator for.

Please drop me a line if you have any questions: bora@borauslusoy.com

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